Dear Friend:
While tears are flowing, I share with you the profound loss of Roger Williams...Our Roger, of gentle spirit, brimming with talent complemented by a gracious and charming persona. I am blessed by the 77 years of knowing him, and experiencing his invigorating intelligence, sharp wit, while beguiled by his mischievous playfulness. Surely, as we listen to his singly-identifiable music, we know of the incredible legacy he left to the world. Roger made us feel happy and youthful as his music transported us to unexplored realms while our minds danced among the stars.

To those of you who love Roger and his music, thank you for your loyalty to his fabulous gift. Please join us in the present tense, as we continue to speak of him and champion the giver of such wondrous joy that will never die.

With all warmest wishes,
Jacque Heebner
Personal Assistant to Roger Williams