Are Boston pianos good?

Are Boston pianos good?

Boston pianos were founded in the year 1992. A big misconception about Boston pianos is that they are said to be manufactured by Steinway. 

Indeed it is not true. Kawai created Boston, and the designs are that of Steinway, which confuses people about its real brand name.

Boston pianos are solid, good quality, and come at a much lower price than others.  They are neither American nor German-built pianos. They were built in Japan itself by the Kawai company.

They manufacture pianos in a far cheaper range than Steinway could. Boston was sold in the beginning to many institutions and individuals as well who worship music and have a love for pianos. 

Through this article, we will try to remove all those confusion from your head and provide you with the truth. Read it till the end to understand more about the Boston pianos. 

Are Boston pianos good?

Boston started its journey in 1992. They take designs from the Steinway and add their own type of magic to the pianos. The quality tone of the soundboard and the key touch are some features of Boston.

Boston pianos come with high-quality pianos, which are lower in price point. They meet the pianist’s expectations and fit their price range at all levels. 

Affordable, good-quality Boston pianos are much more likely to be suitable for those who are starting to get into the world of music.  Boston pianos manufacture both Grand and Upright pianos.

You will be shocked to know that after using the Boston piano for over ten years, you can return the piano to Steinway and get the price of the Boston piano towards the cost of Steinway.

This will save you enough money and be a great way to own one of the finest pianos in the industry. 

Features of Boston Piano

Boston piano was first launched in 1992. It was manufactured and produced by Kawai and not Steinway. They manufacture grand and upright pianos at a lower price than others.

They can be found in many music festivals or in places where music is worshipped.

Certain prime features contribute to the making of the Boston piano. They are stated below as follows-

  • The Boston pianos achieve quality tone and performance with significant care and effort. The size of the piano starts from five feet and goes to seven. 
  • It is designed to meet high-quality piano expectations at a lower price.
  • To join the family of Steinway, Boston is designed accordingly. 
  • Both grand and upright pianos are styled and produced by the Boston pianos keeping in mind the top-quality unique patterns and designs of Steinway. 
  • The heart and soul of any piano- the soundboard is the crucial instrument of the piano. Boston imparts a powerful sustained tone to the pianist. 
  • Boston pianos are far superior to any other instrument at its price band. Best among the pianos at its price figure.
  • Durability, responsiveness, and control are other factors that lead you to buy a Boston piano.
  • Boston pianos have similar features as the Steinway pianos. It includes the wood used all over. 
  • The Hard Rock maple inner rim is one of the unique features of the Boston piano. It is only found among the finest piano. 
  • The patented octa grip pin block can be only seen in Boston pianos. It helps the piano stay in tune for longer, turning Boston into more demand. 
  • Boston pianos give the pianist an upper concert-level quality of sound and responsiveness. It can be for beginners and professionals as well. 

Final thoughts

Since 1992, Boston pianos have maintained their touch of elegance and high-quality tone at a lower price. 

Even though Boston is designed, the Steinway $ Sons pianos have features that attract buyers to Boston, they are highly appreciable due to their price level. 

Boston has introduced the new GP-178 Performance Edition II by Boston. It comes with rich features at a price that was never experienced before. 

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