Are digital pianos any good?

Are console pianos good?

A console piano is a close relative of an upright. A console piano is a type of upright, vertical piano, but the truth is it is not a traditional upright. 

But the question arises are consoles good for beginners or intermediate pianists? Is it the same as Upright pianos?

In the article, we will learn about what a console piano is and whether it is suitable for use, what its type is, and how they differ. We will also point out some differences that will tell us whether upright and console are similar. 

Are console pianos good?

A close cousin of the upright is the console piano. It is a more significant type of upright piano. Console pianos differ from grand pianos in one prominent way: the hammer-on-string action is vertically structured rather than horizontally. 

The Console piano is shorter in height with a full-length key that connects directly to the rest of the action for a superior feel perceived by the pianist. It is a popular instrument with its quality and features. 

A console piano has a better sound quality after being compact in appearance. 

The sound quality of a console piano is satisfying for most home pianists and musicians. They contain regular action that simply sits directly on the keys with the hammer sitting upright. It is not placed in a dropped position. 

The console has a more direct action than compared to any vertical piano. The sound is less impressive than larger upright pianos or grand pianos. 

Difference Between Types of Vertical Pianos:

  • Spinet-  It is a minimal upright piano. The first spinet was mostly in the form of wing-shaped. A spinet is a smaller category of a piano and harpsichord. Spinet pianos are cheaper than upright pianos. They also take up less space at your place. They are just 30-40 inches tall. 
  • Console– Console pianos look somewhat between the spinets and uprights regarding the size. They are usually 40-44 inches tall. The difference between a spinet and a console piano is the type of action both of them have. 

Recently, manufacturers have been working on console pianos for more improvisation in designs and patterns for their betterment.

  • Studio Upright-  A studio upright piano is at least 45 inches tall. Studio pianos produce much better sound quality than spinet or console pianos. Besides the longer strings and soundboard, these pianos also feature full-size action. 

This makes it easier for the pianist to bring out the full range of the instrument. 

  • Full-Size or Professional Upright Piano-  They have made their way into the hearts of famous pianists and musicians. Pianists highly prefer full-size upright pianos in concerts and live performances. 


What is the difference between a Console and an Upright piano?

The console is a part of an upright but not a traditional upright piano. The size of a console can be about 40-44 inches tall, whereas an upright piano can be significant as 44-47 inches tall or even more. 

What is the difference between a Spinet and an Upright piano?

Sometimes both spinet and upright appear similar due to the natural wood consoles used. The height difference is one of the factors in both of them. Spinet has keys and hammers which have indirect blow action, while Upright is less effective than the key action. 

The sound produced by both of them is another factor of difference. 

Final thoughts

A console is one of the versions of an upright piano with a little compact structure. It is considered a space-saving instrument.

Console piano does not compromise on sound, and being compact still has an impressive sound quality. The sound is much more excellent than spinet but less rich than grand pianos.

As a result, they are perfect for home pianists and advanced players.

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