Are currier pianos good?

Are currier pianos good?

A Currier Piano is a well-known company that made its existence in the year 1823.  It was manufactured by Ebenezer Bronson Currier. 

The first showroom was in Boston and featured Upright and Horizontal pianos. The Currier & Company stopped its production in the year 1981. Pianos were manufactured till 1981. The company is no longer active and in business. 

The reason behind the decline of Currier pianos was the competition to produce less expensive pianos from manufacturers in Asia. It was the depressed state of the general piano industry. 

In this article, we will learn about the Currier Pianos in detail. We will find out whether Currier pianos are good or not. 

Let’s start then!

Are currier pianos good?

The Currier piano is an excellent start for beginners. It can also be used for intermediate pianists. It is super affordable, easy to maintain, and average quality piano. It will satisfy the needs of mainly all beginners to intermediate pianists. 

Currier manufactured its modern pianos at the height of 90,000 square-foot. It was a manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Currier, in 1977, received a U.S trademark for an absolute protective finish for its hardwood pianos. It was a significant breakthrough in the history of making pianos. 

It was designed in a way that it acts as waterproofing for pianos. The rigid barrier protects the Currier pianos from scratches, water destruction, and cigarette burns. 

This finish helps in shaping the value of the Currier pianos. The price was preserved through these features.

The price range is between $500 to $4000 for a vertical currier piano. Selling a used Currier piano price depends on the condition and the model name.

The factors which determine the actual pricing of a Currier piano includes –

  • Overall appearance
  • Keyboard
  • Pedal
  • String condition 
  • Leg sturdiness

Final thoughts 

Currier pianos are less likely to acquire a well-toned quality piano. They are preferred for beginners and intermediate pianists. 

Currier pianos are no longer active in business and stopped manufacturing brilliant pianos due to the competition in the piano industry. 

With an average quality rating, Currier pianos were still some people’s choice when learning piano. The price of the Currier wasn’t too high mainly. 

Used Currier pianos are sold at a price rate not much higher. The value highly depends on the type of model and the condition it is in at the present moment. 

Currier pianos, with their hard work, have gone through enough. But due to the low-quality level, it is not considered by the musicians and pianists much. 

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