Are digital pianos any good?

Are digital pianos any good?

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional pianist, Digital pianos are for everyone. The digital piano is an adapted, more modern version to imitate the traditional acoustic pianos.

During the 1970-the 80s, the Digital piano came into existence. They were first invented in that period and looked at a great deal by the pianist because of their new, attractive features.

Digital pianos vary in type and size. But they all are considered more portable than compared to the acoustic counterpart. 

Digital pianos are more considerable due to the volume control feature built into them. You can easily connect the piano to your computer. This versatile instrument is in great demand. 

But the question is, are they of any good? Are digital pianos worth buying? 

All the answers to these questions will be provided to you shortly. Till then, keep reading…

Are digital pianos any good?

This electronic musical instrument is well-known among pro-level pianists.  Digital piano has electronic features like recording functionality, built-in effects, lessons, and rhymes. Digital pianos are of three types –

  • Grand piano,
  • Upright piano, and 
  • Portable piano.

Digital pianos are of less maintenance with cheaper rates compared to that acoustic pianos. One attractive feature of the digital piano is that you can produce the sound of almost any instrument.

Playing different types of sound, you can choose the sound that suits your music best. It can have upto thousands of sounds, depending on the model. 

High-quality sound systems with better fundamental movements are the features of the grand piano. However, they are costlier and only presented by specific manufacturers. 

The upright piano is commonly used in the house. The size of the digital piano and acoustic version is pretty similar, but the weight of the digital piano is much less. 

The portable pianos are the lightest among the three types of a digital pianos. It does not have “legs” but has stands instead. Plastic has been used in the keys and exterior of the portable digital piano. 

A high-end digital piano can sound better than a low-end acoustic piano if compared. One of the drawbacks of a digital piano is that it lacks the touch of sensitivity in its system. This is the reason some pianists stop using digital pianos. 

In simple words, go for digital piano if-

  • You have less budget in mind
  • Need a portable instrument
  • Needs less maintenance piano
  • You require more flexibility in terms of sound
  • And most importantly, you need your space to practice silently. 

Are Digital Pianos Worth Buying?

A digital piano is worth buying if you select the piano that fits your needs and requirements. Digital pianos are less costly compared to acoustic ones. 

The digital piano price depreciates much faster as many new and advanced digital piano models are launched yearly. 

You can answer your question while looking at these advantages of the digital piano. At the end of the article, you’ll be ready to decide whether to purchase a digital piano or drop the idea. 

Here are the advantages– 

  • Affordable- A digital piano is more affordable than acoustic pianos. The starting price of a digital piano range from $2000-$3000. 

At the same time, acoustic pianos start at $5000. 

  • Low maintenance- Unlike acoustic pianos, a digital piano does not require much maintenance. Digital piano does not use hammers or strings, which need proper care and maintenance. 
  • Touch and sound quality- the touch of the digital pianos has been improved and are same as that of acoustic pianos.

Smooth and gentle touch without putting much pressure on the keys are the new features of the digital piano.

  • Tuning- Digital piano does not require tuning from a professional tuner. The sound of a digital piano is programmed in beforehand. With this digital piano feature, you save much money yearly on upkeep.  
  • Headphones- Using headphones on a digital piano is another crucial point you can look at. A benefit of buying a digital piano is that you can play your piano at any time of day or night and use your private space.  

Once you get accustomed to this feature of using the headphone, there is hardly any going back. 

  • Different instrument sounds- Digital pianos are very versatile. They can play several different instruments or even different types of piano sounds. This feature attracts buyers more. You can switch it to any type you want to taste. 
  • Recording- You will be amazed knowing that digital pianos come with recording capability, which is beneficial for the most pianist. You can record in any audio format and hear it later. 

This stunning feature helps musicians listen and share their music to greater reach. 

  • Smart Accompaniments- Digital piano with advanced technology has launched this feature that you can create or play piano with any musician you want who will play along with you. 

Your backup musician will follow up your lead, and you will handle the style and tones of the music. 

  • Background Rhythms-  This feature of the digital piano provides much help to new learners. Students love playing music with a supporting background rhythm. This will help them learn faster with much more interest and attention. 
  • Portability- It is a light-lighted piano that one person can move. It is not heavier, unlike other pianos, which require 2-4 people to move it from one place to another.
  • Last longer- After modern technology has stepped in, it is now possible that digital piano durability will last longer than ever realized. Depending on the model, quality, and upkeep, they can last up to 20-50 years. 

Digital piano VS. Acoustic piano

For your better understanding, we have provided you with some digital and acoustic piano points. This will not only help you make your decision for buying which piano but also fill you with information based on both pianos.

LifespanMade with the ideology of wear and tear. It might get outdated after 10-12 years.Recent advanced digital pianos can last long 20-40 years.It mainly depends on how well you keep the piano. Climate condition also plays a vital role in the piano’s lifespan.
PortableEasily portable. One person is enough to shift the piano.Much heavier piano. Needs 2-4 people for help.
Sound qualitySound like acoustic counterpart; not authentic Warmer, authentic sound
MaintenanceLess maintenance Require more upkeep
Price rangeLess costly. Price also depends on the model of the piano.Generally more expensive. The price starts from $3000.
TuningNo tuning is needed. Tuning is needed at least 1-2 times per year.
Touch sensitivity Some lack touch sensitivity. In contrast, recent models of digital piano mimic the touch sensitivity with acoustic. Better tone control and expression are generated with the piano action.
Space requiredLess spaceMore space is needed
Extra featuresRecording, volume control, computer connectivity and other instrument soundsNone
Best brandsSteinway, Bluthner, Yamaha, Kawai, C. BechsteinYamaha, Kawai, Roland, Casio, Korg

Now the choice is yours. 

Final thoughts

Digital piano is in recent trend among musicians. The latest demand is the recording, volume control, and sound of any instrument feature. 

They are relatively less expensive. They are also portable and can be shifted to any place in the house quickly. 

You can control the tempo and volume of the digital piano easily. A digital piano enables recording the music and performances of the musician too.  

Computer connectivity is another significant benefit for players. It can be connected to any windows or mac computer with less effort.

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