Are electric pianos good?

Are electric pianos good?

Electric pianos were invented in the year 1929. Unlike synthesizers, they are not electrical instruments. It is an electromechanical instrument. 

It’s no wonder that technology has come a LONG way since the invention of electric pianos providing us with the benefits of buying an electric piano that even acoustic piano enthusiast love. 

Electric pianos are pretty affordable and within most people’s reach. However, price shouldn’t be the sole consideration. So, in this article, we will learn everything about Electric pianos.

We will also explain some critical electric piano features and answer your query through this article. 

Till then, keep reading!

Are electric pianos good?

An Electric piano is an adaptation of the acoustic piano, which most pianists love. The electric piano has a high-quality recording feature taken from acoustic pianos and, sometimes, other instruments. 

The popularity of the electric piano started growing in the late 1950s when the hit record “What’d I Say.” Today, the number of electric pianos sold in the United States has risen to 24% in 2021 over the last year. 

Electric pianos have remained popular for a very long time as no other type can decrease its effectiveness and the fame that it has earned. 

They take up little space and are quite affordable regarding the budget. You get control over the volume and are easily accessible with no maintenance. 

Is an electric piano good for beginners?

Electric pianos are suitable for beginners due to their affordability and convenience. Once you’ve cracked the basics of an electric piano, you can slowly and gradually transition to an acoustic version. 

Low maintenance is another important factor about the electric piano. Electric piano offers more practicability, which fits into virtually any space of your place. In an acoustic piano, you don’t get such flexibility. 

Some of the best top models of electric pianos are listed below. 

Beginners get grounded in the basics of the art of learning the electric piano. It provides you with daily practice and learning your notes regularly without worrying about maintenance and tuning problems. It also allows you to avoid attracting noise complaints from your neighbors.

Do electric pianos sound like real pianos?

The Electric piano mimics the sound of the acoustic piano. There is no issue with tuning the problem in the electric piano. Nonetheless, a high-end electric piano could sound way better than a low-end acoustic piano.  

An Electric piano is worth buying as long as it fulfills your needs and goals. 

Is it OK to learn piano on a digital piano?

Electric or digital pianos are great for beginners to learn piano. They are also a viable option for kids. Cost-effective with low maintenance, so even if you decide to quit piano, it will not hit your wallet too hard. 

Both keyboard and electric piano are suitable for beginners to learn. A weighted action keyboard is one of the most important things to look for before buying an electric piano.  It will encourage the correct development of the muscles needed to play piano with absolutely proper technique. 

What is the difference between an electric piano and a normal piano?

LifespanMade with the ideology of wear and tear. It might get outdated after 10-12 years.Recent advanced electric pianos can last long 20-40 years.It mainly depends on how well you keep the piano. Climate condition also plays a vital role. in the piano’s lifespan.
PortableEasily portable. One person is enough to shift the piano.Much heavier piano. Needs 2-4 people for help.
Sound qualitySound like acoustic counterpart; not authentic Warmer, authentic sound
MaintenanceLess maintenance Require more upkeep
Price rangeLess costly. Price also depends on the model of the piano.Generally more expensive. The price starts from $3000.
TuningNo tuning is needed. Tuning is required at least 1-2 times per year.
Touch sensitivity Some lack touch sensitivity. In contrast, recent electric piano models mimic the touch sensitivity with acoustic. Better tone control and expression are generated with the piano action.
Space requiredLess spaceMore space is needed
Extra featuresRecording, volume control, computer connectivity and other instrument soundsNone
Best brandsSteinway, Bluthner, Yamaha, Kawai, C. BechsteinYamaha, Kawai, Roland, Casio, Korg

How long do electric pianos last?

Electric pianos last between 20-50 years. They have electrical parts with solid plastic, more rigid metal, and piano keys that can withstand heavy wear and tear.

High-end electric pianos are built better structurally. At the same time, the low-end piano has a different lifespan than the high-end electric piano. But they can last a few years.

With time they can wear and tear out and also deteriorate. 

Electric pianos also require less servicing than acoustic or classic wooden ones. If you’re doubtful about repairing and using the electric piano again, then the answer is don’t go for it. 

It is not economical to improve an electric piano after the age of 10-12 years. 

Final thoughts

Electric pianos have recently been in demand due to their low maintenance and budget-friendly feature. They have maintained a standard among all the pianists and musicians.

It is a BIG yes to electric piano for beginners who doubt buying an acoustic piano or an electric piano.

In this article, all your doubts and queries about the electric piano and its advantages must have been cleared. 

For any further queries, you can comment below without hesitation. 

Till then, all the best with your piano lessons!

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