Are Estonia pianos good?

Estonia piano started its performance quality work back 200 years. The company was founded in the year 1893 by Ernst Hiis. He was a master craftsman trained from Steinway. 

Estonia pianos create top-quality acoustic grand pianos. They started manufacturing in the Republic of Estonia, and now most of the pianos are sold in the United States. 

They are simply fantastic, with smooth touch and sound quality.  In quality and position, Estonia pianos are giving a full-on challenge to Steinway & sons. 

In this article, we’ll learn about Estonian pianos, where they are made, and their reviews among pianists and the general. Until the end, get complete information about the next best manufacturing piano company- Estonia. 

Are Estonia pianos good?

After all the struggle phases, Estonia pianos are now among the top piano company.  Steinway and Estonia are both in the same both said by the customers. The difference lies in the price range between both of them. 

Estonian pianos are much more mid-range price pianos than compared to Steinway pianos. Rest, everything is said to be identical. Estonia has a soft and sustaining tone making it an ideal choice for home use. 

They have a separate history to tell. Estonia was manufactured during the existence of the Soviet Union. The pianos of that period were surprisingly strong and had excellent stability and fast mechanisms with a great singing tone. 

They are rare instruments today, and some pianos have become extinct.  

After the fall of the Soviets, the new pianos came up with some manufacturing defects. It was in the 1990s that this problem was faced among customers. 

Since 2002, Estonia pianos have had remarkable quality change with a sweet singing tone.

Many improvements were made during 2003-05. Grand pianos made their place in the people’s hearts and still rule at every bit. 

Estonia today is a huge name when it comes to purchasing a piano, especially a grand piano at a mid-range price. Some customers appreciated the Estonia brand by saying they are as good as Steinway, but the size and price make Estonia unique. 

Estonian pianos are half the price of Steinway pianos. This factor makes Estonia extremely competitive. 

Where are Estonia pianos made?

In the 20th century, there were mostly 20 independent piano companies in the market. One of them was Estonia itself. 

Estonian pianos are made in the Republic of Estonia. They have received several awards for excellence in design and manufacturing at International Competitions in Europe. 

They are handcrafted pianos which are made from the highest quality European material. The soundboards are made with the firm, rigid top-quality material possible. 

Estonia grand pianos are among the genuinely high-end grand pianos in the mid-price field with which Estonia provides the customer.


A few reviews are given by some of the customers and some by the pianist himself. You can check them before deciding whether to buy an Estonian piano. You can also check here for more reviews.

“The Concert Grand is an excellent instrument with very good characteristics. The especially soft and singing tone and the light touch are the outstanding features.”

“Today’s ESTONIA has its own sound sound-personality and shares the psychology of Steinway and Bösendorfer.”

“With its higher notes of greatly improved structure, it also features more powerful sound volumes and keys, which yield to the slightest touch.”

Concert pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin said

“The level of craftsmanship in the Estonia piano can only inspire the highest respect, and I have no doubt that this piano will continue to prove essential to sensitive musicians.”  (##### CHECK )

Final thoughts 

Estonian pianos have maintained their standard and class to date. Some critical pillars of Estonia pianos are deep, rich-warm tones, high-quality sound, and superb responsive action. 

The grand pianos are even more professional and the most loved instrument from Estonia. 

They are simply known for their compassionate action and the unique sound they provide the pianist. Estonia has become a renowned leading piano company in Europe. 

Combining high-quality components and craftsmanship, Estonia has reached the peak of excellence in world-class manufacturing pianos. 

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