Are Everett pianos good?

Are Everett pianos good?

Everett pianos were set up in the year 1883 in Boston. John Church Company was the founder of the Everett pianos. 

At that time, Church Company was one of the leading companies in the industry. 

Yamaha later acquired Everett and made immense beautiful, and outstanding pianos. 

In the late 1980s, Yamaha stopped producing Everett pianos, and once again, Everett became a private company in the 1990s.

Everett pianos have received the name of standard pianos, which are top of their class. A blend of innovation and uniqueness has made these pianos stand above the other brands in the competition.

In this article, we’ll learn everything about the Everett pianos. From their types to their features and reasons why they are so special. Hang on till the end for all the details. 

Are Everett pianos good?

Everett pianos have a set goal to build the finest pianos possible. The pianos were made to gain recognition from pianists and musicians worldwide. 

Originally, the Everett company was published to build a commercial-grade piano. But the truth is once the company started, the purpose changed, and the expense was spared to create the finest piano possible. 

Everett piano is a well-known brand with innovative qualities. They are popularly used in churches, schools, and homes. They worked hard to make the Everett piano the highest demanding brand in the piano market. 

Little did they know the Everett Piano Company gained worldwide acceptance from famous musicians and pianists. They improved their tone and built a super tough piano with lower pierce than one would expect. 

Very few people know that many popular pianists and musicians have appreciated Everett pianos and requested to have Everett pianos wherever possible they perform in concerts. 

Reisenauer, Dr. Neitzel, Chaminade, and Carreno are some famous pianists of the era who has praised Everett Pianos as the “King of Pianodom.” They have also requested to have Everett pianos in their live performances and a larger audience. 

What makes the Everett Piano unique?

Everett Piano is available with upright, baby grands, and grand concertos. They come in different lengths and depths. All the pianos have 88 keys keyboards. High-quality wood with unique types of finishes. 

For over 100 years, the Everett piano brand has become famous among the best in the music industry. 

The company focused on strengthening the small pianos for studio and home use somewhat of the concert stage. 

A full size keyboard with 88 keys. They are touch-sensitive. The Everett piano is built with a standard height. The moderate height of the Everett piano is around 28 ⅛ inches.

Three pedals and a wooden bench come with Everet Piano. Every unit piano comes with an individual wooden bench. A block of quality wood is used for the bench framing. 


  • Upright Everett Piano, the year 1940 – $750
  • Everett Upright (year not indicated) – $450
  • Spinet Piano, year 1949 – $100
  • Everett Studio Piano, the year 1986 – $50

Final thoughts

In 1946, Everett piano stopped manufacturing grand pianos and concentrated on making upright pianos. 

Beautiful craftsmanship with key features of sound quality and excellent wooden materials has made Everett an absolute brand. The ownership of this piano brand has changed hands several times. 

One of the last companies that Everett Pianos produced was the Yamaha Corporation. 

Everett piano company has built a standard among all the competition worldwide. Well-known personalities highly praise them. 

Incredibly gorgeous pianos with a sensitive touch that will not make you regret your choice of purchasing Everett Piano.

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