Are Tokai pianos good?

Are Tokai pianos good?

Tokai pianos were designed in Hamamatsu, Japan. It is the same city where popular piano brands Yamaha and Kawai are made. 

Tokai pianos are made to a high quality for home musicians and students. The playing action of the Tokai piano is full of Japanese componentry and is one of the finest piano actions ever made. 

They come in a compact size which fits most homes. Pianos have an essential yet classic styling feature that never impresses its customers. 

Are Tokai pianos good?

Tokai pianos has the third largest music instrument manufacturing company in Japan. The pianos are manufactured in Tokai Gakki Co. Ltd in Japan. They make both upright and grand pianos.

Tokai pianos are a perfect fit for students and home musicians. They ensure that the sound quality and the touch provide a professional musician’s value. They are considered as most responsive and consistent actions among the pianos available.

The piano they manufacture has a more beautiful tone, primarily European than Asian. It does not lack intense and resonant bass, which generates resonance and clarity.  The piano’s tone can be applied to the quality of master crafted soundboard. 

One of the most attractive features of Tokai pianos is that the pianist can play to the softest of volumes and then to the loudest with ease of control. Tokai pianos have a playing action that is absolutely immediate and responsive with accuracy. . It is a professional standard piano that suits or matches the most discerning pianist.  

tokai baby grand piano

Tokai Baby Grand Pianos are a great choice for both students and home musicians. They have a compact size, making them suitable for smaller spaces, and offer a high-quality sound that is perfect for practicing and performing.

What are the features of Tokai pianos?

Tokai pianos have many features that make them different from the other piano brands available in the market. 

Features found on Tokai piano models are- 

  • High-quality Japanese playing action

As the third largest piano manufacturing company, Tokai maintains high-quality Japanese playing action. Tokai pianos are popularly known for better Japanese playing action only. 

  • Responsive action

One of the key features of why Tokai piano wins every musician’s heart is being responsive and immediate. The responsive characteristics of the Tokai piano make it possible for the pianist to reach a loud level from the softest volume with ease.

  • Beautiful tone and voice

Tokai piano holds a beautiful tone and voice. It attracts listeners with its stunning tone and playing action.

  • Agraffe bass section

While manufacturing a Tokai piano, they install an agraffe bass section in the piano. It is a part used primarily on grand pianos. It is solid brass, which comes in 1, 2, or 3-string configurations.

  • High wearing a high gloss walnut finish.

Tokai piano wears a high gloss walnut finish which makes the piano durable and unique from the other glosses. But they quickly get scratched. 

  • Middle practice pedal

The middle practice pedal is installed in the Tokai piano to sustain only those notes played right away before the pedal is applied. It will not be affected if played after the pedal has been released or down, it will not be that affected. 

  • Select solid spruce soundboard

Spruce is a favorite choice of wood used for making pianos. The elasticity for strength and vibration makes Tokai use a solid spruce soundboard. The soundboard utilizes the timber used in the spruce and makes it the heart of the piano. 

  • Comes with warranty

Whenever you go to purchase any of the Tokai piano models, they come with a warranty of between 5-10 years long. 

Final thoughts 

Tokai pianos are a good choice if you’re looking for a beautiful tone and voice piano with immediate responsible playing action for your kids or home musicians. They fit into your house quickly without taking up huge space. 

It has launched many new models which have been manufactured keeping in mind the modern requirements of the pianist or for the beginners. The average price range of Tokai pianos is £2000 to £15,000. 

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