Are Bechstein pianos good?

Are Bechstein pianos good?

C.Bechstein Piano Factory was built on 1st October 1853 by Carl Bechstein. It was founded in Berlin, Germany.

Keeping in mind manufacturing the highest quality pianos, Bechstein has always produced pianos with utmost care. Today they are considered wonderful handmade pieces of instruments.   

Both new and old Bechstein pianos are well-appreciated in the market, but both have a different ethnic style to portray.  

Through this article, we’ll learn more about Bechstein’s history and whether Bechstein pianos are excellent and worth buying. Hang on till the end to know everything about Bechstein.

Are Bechstein pianos good?

Bechstein pianos are made with top-quality material to deliver exceptional piano quality. Bechstein pianos are relatively hand-crafted pianos from Germany. You will be shocked, but they have the richest history in the industry. 

The new Bechstein is stunning in look and with smooth touch. Their fantastic artistic design is well-appreciated by the customers. 

Bechstein makes both grand and upright pianos. The Bechstein grand piano is among the most highly regarded musical instrument. They are beautifully made and are a sound virtual piano. 

Bechstein uses Majestic, flexible, clean, and communicative terms to describe digital grand pianos. They are famous handmade masterpieces. Both luxurious and upright pianos were made by well-known expert German craftsmanship. 

The Bechstein upright piano are best known for their durability and quality. They offer a secure investment in them with no regrets in life. 

The upright pianos came into be more after the world war. One of the finest upright pianos was Model-8 and Model-9 during those days.  Bechstein went famous and successful after manufacturing these two piano models.

During wartime, in Berlin, the allied bombing destroyed the Bechstein Piano factory. It destroyed some parts and bits of the factory and damaged the firm’s stores of valuable wood, which was used to make soundboards in pianos. 

The war cost them many of its experts and experienced artisans. The production of upright pianos was reduced, and  Bechstein could not resume the full-scale manufacturing of pianos. This caused him to make only a few pianos per year. 

Bechstein, a maker of expecetional and rare art case pianos since the 19th century. Interior designers commissioned such art case pianos for majestic palaces and mansions. He makes exquisite grand and upright pianos with extra care that meets customer expectations. 

Carl Bechstein hires the finest artists and artisans to make rare, unique pianos. They were decorated with gold, and hand-carved details were completed. Hand-painted art is also present on the piano case. 

Some of the gorgeous art case Bechstein pianos are now abided in a museum. Some other traded at musical- instrument auctions. It is mainly situated in London and New York. 

One of the drawbacks of the Bechstein piano is that it comes with a slightly warmer default tone quality. 

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Bechstein MP192 Model Is Amongst the World’s Finest 6′ Piano.

Final thoughts

Bechstein is a famous piano brand that set a standard for other piano companies. It has come to success after struggling for too long. Carl Bechstein has never given up on making incredible pianos. 

They are expertly crafted and filled with love and elegance. The Bechstein pianos give an orchestral sound. 

Bechstein pianos are well-furnished and well-appreciated by the customer. They become family after coming home or to studios. They claim class, durability, and exquisite tone quality. 

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