What Piano did Beethoven use?

What Piano did Beethoven use?

Beethoven is the most influential figure in the history of classical music. He has been tagged as the greatest living composer. 

His music has remained among us and significantly impacted the western world. 

What Piano did Beethoven use?

Beethoven was an outstanding German pianist who had reached the peak of excellence in playing piano and composing it. 

Beethoven’s piano is called Fortepiano. It had no legs and was made of wood. The piano was rested on a frame to move it around and not get enough sound out of it.

It was a mid-18th to early 19th-century instrument used by Beethoven.  On this piano, he wrote classical era composers who are famous worldwide. Fortepiano was marked as the beginning of his career. 

Beethoven used many pianos during that time. They include – 

  • Broadwood
  • Stein
  • Walter
  • Erard
  • Fritz
  • Streicher
  • Graf

They all are of different and unique materials and sounds. The keys were lighter to operate, the. The sound dynamic was softer, and they had shallow vital beds.  One of his pianos was Broadwood which had six octaves, sturdy construction, and two pedals. 

How many keys did Beethoven’s Piano have?

The piano Beethoven used had 88 keys with no foot pedals. As an alternative, it had knee-actuated levers. 

Later in his work stated that the number of keys had expanded to an octave on the piano. He also mentioned twelve notes to the upper keys. 

Piano manufacturer Beethoven designed new piano with more keys to write more challenging material for a fuller keyboard. It is all due to the instrument’s four-octave range being limited.  

Beethoven Pianist
Ludwig van Beethoven

Who is Beethoven in music?

A German pianist and composer, Beethoven was a powerful personality with excellent piano skills.  He has composed tons of his most admired and loved works, including mature chamber music, late piano sonatas, and later symphonies.

His life was divided into three phases, each with struggle and a happy ending. He lost his hearing power at the mid-age of 44 or 45. He never gave up on music and made music his life. Beethoven received many prizes and appreciation from his fans and stage shows. 

He has taken a few pauses between his career, but it empowered the pianist whenever he stepped back again. 

He died in 1827, and an estimated 10,000 people attended his funeral.

Was Beethoven deaf?

Beethoven started noticing his difficulty in hearing at the very young age of 28. But he never stopped his work and passion for piano. 

At the age of 44 or 45, he was deaf. He had felt tough times to converse unless he passed written notes back and forth to his colleagues, visitors, and friends.  

He passed away in 1827 at the age of 56. Nearly 10,000 people attended his funeral procession. 

What did Beethoven use to feel the vibrations of the piano?

The truth is he used to use a wooden stick between his teeth to feel the vibrations of the piano. He took advantage of the wooden stick to feel the beats and the music. His struggle against deafness was muchly appreciable and cherished. 

You will be amazed to know that most of his work was composed during the last ten years of his life when he lost his hearing capability.  Whatever the barrier, he has overcome it with a positive approach and continued shining the world with his music creation. 


What is the Range of Beethoven’s Piano?

The range of Beethoven’s piano compositions expanded over the course of his career, and his final works for the piano are written for an instrument with a range of approximately Six and a half octaves.

Does Beethoven’s piano still exist?

Some of the pianos used by Beethoven during his lifetime still exist, but it is difficult to determine their exact number or location. These pianos could be considered valuable historical artifacts, may have been restored, and are still in use.

How much is Beethoven’s piano worth?

Beethoven’s piano is extremely valuable, especially if they are well-preserved and have a strong connection to a famous composer or performer, but the price can vary widely.

Final thoughts 

Beethoven gained an enormous amount of love from worldwide. His works in classical and romantic music are absolutely mind-blowing, even after knowing he was deaf.

Dignified pianist Beethoven set a standard for all the pianists in the nation with his music creation.

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