Does John Cena really play the Piano

Does John Cena Play the Piano?

If you thought John Cena could only lift weights and wrestle, think again! In a surprising turn of events, John Cena has showcased his hidden talent for playing the piano in the DC show ‘Peacemaker’. Fans were left in awe as Cena took center stage and delivered a mesmerizing piano solo in Episode 6.

In this blog, we dive into Cena’s musical journey, exploring when he started playing and what instruments he has mastered. We also take a closer look at his impressive performance in ‘Peacemaker’ and reveal the song he played. Get ready to be amazed by the unexpected piano skills of John Cena!

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Can John Cena play the piano?

John Cena is not just a talented wrestler and actor, but also a remarkable self-taught musician who excels at playing the piano. Unlike many actors who often rely on pre-recorded music or fake their playing, Cena’s piano skills are genuine and impressive. He takes pride in showcasing his musical abilities whenever the opportunity arises. It is noteworthy that syncing the actor’s performance with the music can be a challenging task, often requiring a highly skilled musician.

Consequently, it is common to observe actors casually strumming guitars in scenes without accurately matching the music. However, Cena’s proficiency on the piano sets him apart, adding another layer to his already multifaceted talents.

When did John Cena start playing piano?

John Cena, the renowned professional wrestler and actor, embarked on a surprising musical journey at the age of 40 by taking piano lessons. While many individuals learn to play an instrument out of fascination or a desire to acquire new skills, Cena’s motivation was rather unique—he aimed to conquer his fear of stage fright. Since he first started playing the piano in 2016, Cena has devoted his free time to honing his musical abilities and has become deeply passionate about it.

In a candid 2018 Vanity Fair video, titled ‘Everything John Cena Does in a Day,’ Cena shared his progress, admitting that he may not be exceptionally skilled but is committed to improving every day. Playing the piano holds great significance for Cena as it not only keeps his mind sharp but also provides solace to the inner turmoil often associated with a hectic lifestyle, soothing the proverbial savage beast within.

What does John Cena play?

Cena pleasantly surprised viewers in Episode 6 of ‘Peacemaker’ with a captivating piano solo of the iconic rock ballad ‘Home Sweet Home’. His hidden talent for playing the piano not only added depth to his character but also demonstrated his multifaceted abilities as an actor and musician.

The unexpected piano performance left fans in awe and ignited conversations about Cena’s musical prowess. This remarkable display of piano playing in the episode has made it a standout moment that has resonated with audiences.

What song does John Cena play in ‘Peacemaker Episode 6?

In episode 6 of the new Peacemaker spin-off show, John Cena captivates the audience with a poignant piano rendition of Motley Crue’s iconic rock ballad ‘Home Sweet Home.’ This unexpected musical interlude effectively integrates a seemingly unrelated piano scene into the overall Peacemaker style and soundtrack, which has been characterized by an array of 1980s rock and metal songs.

Beyond its stylistic coherence, Cena’s performance and the emotions conveyed through his facial expressions offer a powerful means for the series to delve into the profound emotional turmoil experienced by Chris Smith.

By leveraging the evocative power of music, the Peacemaker TV series expertly explores Chris’s inner struggles, bypassing the need for explicit dialogue that may feel forced or insincere for a character who often finds it challenging to express himself openly and honestly to others.

Has John Cena ever played the piano before ‘Peacemaker’?

John Cena Seen Playing Piano in Vanity Fair’s Youtube Video

In a remarkable display of his hidden talents, John Cena, the renowned star of the series Peacemaker, showcased his piano-playing skills in episode 6. This unexpected revelation stunned many viewers, as it challenged preconceived notions about individuals who possess both immense physical strength and a muscular build.

Several years prior, Cena had disclosed in an interview his dedication to learning the piano, and he had even featured in a video, shared through The Bella Twins’ YouTube channel, where he impeccably performed a piano rendition of The Pixies’ hit song “Where Is My Mind?” Cena’s ability to masterfully play the piano not only highlights his multifaceted nature but also serves as a reminder not to judge individuals based on appearances alone.


In conclusion, John Cena’s hidden talent for playing the piano has been revealed in the recent episode of ‘Peacemaker.’ It was a delightful surprise to see him showcase his skills on the keys. While it may not have been widely known before, John Cena’s piano abilities have now become a topic of conversation among fans.

His performance in ‘Peacemaker’ Episode 6 was impressive and added an extra layer of depth to his character. If you’re curious to watch John Cena’s piano solo and find out what song he played, be sure to tune in to the latest episode. Don’t miss out on this unexpected display of talent from one of our favorite stars.

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