What Piano does Rousseau use

What Piano does Rousseau use?

Rousseau is modern world instrumentalist. He not only plays piano, guitar, and synthesizer but also composes and produces it. 

He is a very talented being full of skills and capability. He earned his name by himself and showed the world a new invention for uploading piano videos on Youtube.

To learn more about Rousseau, stick to this article till the end. 

What Piano does Rousseau use?

In his videos, the piano model uses the Yamaha YDP-164B Black digital piano. It is a finely crafted digital piano that costs around $ 1,599.99.  This model is a stylish home piano with a fantastic touch feature. 

American Youtuber Rousseau makes piano covers of pop and classical songs. He uses a  unique form of software to upload his piano covers.

He works with a reactive visualizer. Through LED piano, he makes impressive youtube videos for his viewers and earns millions of followers.

Rousseau's Piano : Yamaha YDP-164B
Yamaha YDP-164B

Who is this Youtube Pianist Rousseau? 

Many People over the internet claim that he’s a guy called Stephen Limbaugh.

Rousseau is a famous American Youtuber with excellent piano skills. He is currently in the United States. 

He is a great piano player with millions of subscribers and followers on his channel. He joined the youtube platform on March 2, 2018, and ruling in hearts since. 

He uses tricky but unique software to make his video more eye-catching and attractive. In all regards, he is considered to be a piano king who has no limits. He has uploaded 141+ videos on his youtube channel overall.

Is Rousseau a good pianist?

Rousseau has got several hits and received the utmost fame from his fans. He considers piano a massive part of his life.  

He has come from the journey of zero to a well-known piano artist in a short span. He gets more than 16.16 million views each month on his youtube channel. 

You will be shocked to hear that he earns around $969.80 thousand a year by making piano covers. If calculated, he has a net worth of $4 million. 

Hence, there is no question of whether he is a good pianist. The balance says it all.

Is Rousseau’s Piano Fake?

Rousseau’s piano has a digital piano which provides virtual light to accompany the notes he plays in the piano. 

He is a well-played piano artist with so much popularity. It is hard to answer whether the piano is fake or real. 

It is an LED piano that he takes to work. The piano gives out light to the keys and helps the artist play without difficulty.

If observed carefully, the piano he uses is similar to the Yamaha YDP-164B Black model. It can neither be proved nor assured that the piano Russeasu uses fake or real. 

Rousseau’s net worth is above $3 million, which describes how big a brand he is. So, logically it is terrible to say that the piano he uses while producing his covers is fake and not actual. 

What VST does Rousseau Piano use?

According to the FAQ channel on Rousseau’s Discord server, it appears that he utilizes a virtual studio technology (VST) library that he has personally edited and customized for his own use.

What happened to Rousseau Piano?

Rousseau’s channel encountered copyright issues and he also had some personal family problems, leading to the removal of several videos that had received copyright strikes. These videos were based on written works that are now in the public domain. As a result, the creator has stopped posting new content to avoid the risk of their channel being terminated due to excessive copyright strikes.

How to make a Piano like Rousseau?

We found this YT video, that shows the A-Z process of creating a similar piano like Rousseau. Watch it below:

Final words

Hypnotic, soothing, and absolutely outstanding are specific terms to describe his piano covers.

Rousseau has a well-established name in the form of Youtube channels. He earns millions and is quite popular in the United States. 

Even though there are a lot of competitors in this field, Rousseau has made his name prominent in front of the viewers. His music reflects his passion and how he has made piano a part of his life. He has given a vast portion of his efforts on youtube to support and show some love in return. 

The viewers have also not failed to uplift his expectations. He has made his piano covers so admirably that we stop ourselves from craving for more to come. He has given hits and earned a lot of money through that too. 

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